Awesome Gifts for the Wine Lovers in Your Life


Given the number of people in love with wine these days, you’re sure to have a wine lover somewhere on your gift list.  Or maybe you’re the wine lover in the family and want to give loved ones and friends a hint or two about your next gift.  Whatever your budget, this list is sure to have the perfect gift for your favorite wine aficionado–even if that aficionado is you!


Electric corkscrew



Manual corkscrews aren’t so bad, until you come across a stubborn cork.  An electric corkscrew makes even quicker work of the toughest corks.  They’re also ideal for those who have difficulty with traditional corkscrews due to arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other hand issues.  With models starting at around $20, this is one handy gadget that doesn’t have to break the bank.


Tasting flight


A tasting flight is a small slab, usually wood or acrylic, that holds a few wine carafes, bottles, or glasses at once.  They’re ideal for wine-tasting parties.  Some have surfaces that you can write on to identify the types of wines being tasted.  With prices starting at about $25 and going up to around $100, these flights can add an elegant touch to any tasting.


Unique decanter



A decanter is a throwback to a time when serving from the elegance of cut crystal was more important than showing off labels.  With fanciful designs in abundance today and prices starting around $30, a nice decanter or two can dress up any dining table.  Go with a set of four or five, matching or all different, to add more flair to tasting parties.


Drink markers


Since most of us serve our guests wine in matching wine glasses (or mostly matching, anyway), keeping track of which glass belongs to whom can be a chore.  A set of charms that attach to the stem can solve this problem.  If you’re worried that people won’t remember which charm is theirs (especially after a few glasses), look for tags that will allow you to use chalk or dry-erase marker to write guests’ names on their tags.





If you’re shopping for someone whose “set” of wine glasses is a mismatched group of odds and ends, consider a nice set of stemware.  You can find sets designed for reds, whites, or champagne or larger sets that cover all three.


Wine and chocolate

How can you go wrong with wine and chocolate?  A number of companies offer sets that pair different wines with their perfect chocolate counterparts.  Wine and chocolate.  Enough said.


Wine storage



If your wine lover has limited counter or floor space, you can find wall-mountable racks that can hold a few bottles and glasses.  There are also counter top and standalone racks for those with more space.  On the higher end, any wine lover would love the best wine refrigerator to accommodate their space and wine storage needs.



If the wine lover you’re trying to please enjoys cooking, a wine-themed cookbook could be a great idea.  With recipes designed to pair perfectly with certain wines, any wine lover’s next dinner party is sure to be a hit.
Any of the above are sure to make any wine lover happy and keep you from having to stare at an endless array of bottles hoping you guess right!

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